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Brian Jones

Owner, Director of Training


Brian was born in Pusan, South Korea. He was raised as a U.S. Army brat and son to a Military Policeman. Throughout his child hood, he was involved in the Boy Scouts, the Royal Rangers, Law Enforcement Explorers and was also involved in U.S. Army JROTC throughout High School in Wichita Falls, TX.


After graduation, he enlisted in the United States Army as a Military Police Officer and served his tour doing Special Weapons Physical Security. After leaving the Army, he changed career fields and became a Texas State Licensed EMT and worked as such in Wichita Falls, TX for almost 4 years. He returned to Law Enforcement in 1998, after graduating top of his class in the Police Academy - receiving his TCLEOSE Commission. He left TX and traveled to Anchorage, Alaska and received his Peace Officer Commission by the APSC (Alaska Police Standards Council). He worked in Law Enforcement with the Anchorage Police Department Animal Cruelty Division, The Federal Protective Service Police, The North Pole Police Department and the Department of the Air Force Police. During this time, he also opened and ran a successful private security company in Anchorage and Fairbanks for several years. He has also deployed to both Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Ike as a member of Hurricane Response Teams guarding Federal Assets.


Brian returned to TX in 2006 and left his career in Law Enforcement. He became certified as a Fire Fighter and began volunteering for the Sutherland Springs VFD in his spare time. He decided to open his own Security and Public Safety Training School in order to pass on his years of experience to others. SPSTI was born and is a State Licensed Training academy offering a multitude of courses to Security Officers and persons in other public safety careers. 


Brian is currently certified and licensed as an instructor in the following courses:


  • TX DPS PSB Level III Classroom and Firearms

  • TX DPS PSB Level IV

  • TX DPS Concealed Handgun

  • TCLEOSE Basic Classroom and Firearms

  • NRA Basic Pistol

  • ASP Baton Basic

  • TCLEOSE O/C Pepper Spray

  • TASER M26 / X26 Law Enforcement and Security

  • American Heart Association Basic Life Saver

  • International Association of Hospital Safety and Security Basic, Advanced and Supervisor

  • Bike Patrol Basic and Tactical

  • Frangible Ammunition Instructor

Other Personal Certifications include:

  • TSA / DHS Master Screener

  • International Police Highway Rail-Grade Crossing Collision Investigator

  • International Police Mountain Bike Association - Tactics and Techniques

  • Advanced Patrol Carbine

  • State of Alaska Fraud Investigator

  • State of Washington Fraud Investigator

  • TCLEOSE Certified Peace Officer

  • APSC (Alaska Police Standards Council) Certified Peace Officer

  • PSB Commissioned Security Officer

  • PSB Licensed Private Investigator

  • PSB Licensed Owner/Manager


Sonya Jones

Administrative Manager


Sonya was born in Cherryhill, NJ.  Shortly thereafter her family was transferred to North Pole, AK with the US Air Force.  Sonya graduated High School in North Pole and began a career in Veterinary Medicine as a Licensed Veterinary Technician.  In 1997, Sonya became a Lead Investigator and Field Training Officer with the Anchorage Police Department Animal Cruelty Division.  Sonya and Brian were married in 1998.  Sonya was the Administrative Manager for Sentinel Security, LLP in Anchorage and Fairbanks, AK for several years and has been the Administrative Manager for SPSTI since its' inception.





James Coleman

K9 Instructor


James is a native of Texas.  In 2001 he graduated from the police academy and served with Hearne PD. 

Shortly thereafter he transferred to K9 with Burleson County Sheriff’s Department.  He then worked with

Interquest Detection Services as a Detection Dog Handler.  James was responsible for conducting detection

searches for various school districts throughout central Texas.  In 2006, James worked as kennel master

and lead trainer for Zaragoza K9 in Boerne, TX.  He has also worked as a handler and/or trainer of detection

and patrol dogs for Worldwide Canine, Inc., and Global Training Academy.  He then became an instructor for

certified military working dogs with Lackland Air Force military working dog program.  He has worked

extensively as a lead instructor and decoy for various police departments in the Houston, TX area.  He also

served in 2010 as lead instructor and training decoy for dual purpose dogs and handlers in Afghanistan with



Training Experience and Certifications:


  • Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator (2010)

  • Tracking Seminar with John Snow (2009)

  • Instructor for National Canine Interdiction Association (2008)

  • Certified Patrol and Narcotics K-9 Handler through National Canine Interdiction Association (2008)

  • Certified Decoy K-9 Pro Sports (2006)

  • Mondioring Training Director & Decoy of East Texas Mondioring club – Tomball, TX  (2004-2006)

  • Certified USA Schutzhund Decoy at National Level (2005)

  • Certified United States Mondioring Decoy, Level I under Judge Daniel Moreno from Spain (March 2005)

  • Dog Handler Seminar – San Antonio, TX  under Judge Daniel Moreno from Spain (November 2004)

  • Annual Detection Dog Training Seminar – Interquest K-9 (January 2003)

  • Seminar, “Understanding Canine Drives & Behavior” – Texas Urban Search & Rescue Task Force (TUSRTF) (March 2002)

  • Certified National Narcotic Detection Handler (2001-2003)

  • National Narcotic Detection Dog Seminar – Spring, TX  (April 2002)

  • 4 week Canine Handler Course – Texas Youth Commission (January 2002)

  • Graduate of Police Academy – Texas Engineering Extension Service (June 2001)

  • Basic Security Officer Commission – (February 2000)

  • Basic Jailer’s Commission – (June 1996)



Micah Hoevelman

Adjunct Instructor, Personal Protection



Global Protection Group, Inc. was founded by Mr. Micah W. Hoevelman.  After leaving the U.S. Marine Corps in 1997, Mr. Hoevelman went into the private security industry where he gained a great deal of experience in the field by working in many different aspects of security.  Not only did he learn about the security industry, he also learned about the security business.  In 1998, the State of Texas issued him a Private Investigator's License, and shortly afterward he was introduced to the field of VIP/dignitary protection.  In 2000, Mr. Hoevelman left the private sector and joined the U.S. Coast Guard.  While in the Coast Guard, he was assigned to the Regional Tactical Counter-Narcotics Team, known as TACLET-North.  After September 11th, 2001, Mr. Hoevelman was selected to be part of the inaugural crew for the newly developed Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Unit, the Maritime Safety and Security Teams, or MSST.  The MSST program was specifically developed and implemented in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11th, as honored in his unit's designator, 91102.   Mr. Hoevelman's training and operational experience with both the Counter-Narcotics Team and his previous experience in protection led to his designation as a subject matter expert and listing as part of the unit's cadre of master instructors. Before leaving active duty with the Coast Guard in 2004 to form Global Protection Group, Inc., he was selected to assist in the development of a newly formed Department of Homeland Security Counter-Terrorism Operations capable unit.  While with the unit, he was assigned to the Direct Action Team:
  • Maritime Interdiction Operations
  • Small Unit Tactics
  • Protective Service Detail Operations
  • Physical Security Protocols
He has trained and operated with several respected organizations, including U.S. Navy VBSS teams, U.S. Department of State/Bureau of Diplomatic Security, U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Border Patrol, U.S. Secret Service, FBI, and numerous other military and law enforcement organizations




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